Dedicated Analytical Dairy Tools

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Indispensable for all Fluid Dairy Products
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Invaluable for Dairy Processors
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Company Information

P&P Inc. is a privately owned American corporation that designs, manufactures, sells and supports innovative, fit-for-purpose instruments offering results-oriented solutions throughout the dairy industry (from cow to customer)!  All products are backed by world-class service , extensive documentation and comprehensive support.


It is our design philosophy only to make instruments that are robust, reliable, simple to use, affordable and user-friendly with low maintenance requirements and modular construction to simplify support. We also design add-on software programs to automate date collection and reporting.  Recording/Reporting programs are available for use with our instruments or can be customized to fulfill specific governmental or customer needs. P&P products range from small automated sample rockers to high-tech milk analyzers. Our R&D department continuously strives to introduce new technologies to the market, opening greater opportunities throughout the dairy supply chain to access, document and manage critical areas.

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