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Farm Level

Real time milk composition results are a beneficial tool for herd managers, nutritionists, veterinarians, field representatives and agrarian researchers.  Testing milk composition of the bulk tank, milking groups or individual animals provides insight critical to optimal management of feed programs, herd health and genetic profiles (for breeding purposes, focusing on higher protein & fat contents vs. just accessing the milk yield per cow).

Milk Truck

Milk Collection Trucks can be outfitted to provide a milk composition result for each bulk tank they pick up on their route.  The farmer can be advised of the results and the driver can also forward results to the Dairy Processor receiving the delivery so that they can prepare accordingly (per-formulating cheese recipes, for example).

Milk Collection Centers

Page & Pedersen provides turn-key solutions for milk collection centers or milk reception centers. Our systems provide the user organization with a tool for fast and reliable documentation of the milk collected as well as full automated documentation and payment system. We are happy to tailor our systems to your need!

Artisanal, Boutique and/or Specialty Cheese & Yogurt Makers

Farmstead, artisanal, and boutique/specialty cheese and yogurt makers benefit from real-time milk composition results. Decisions can be made based upon seasonality, state-of-lactation, etc. regarding modification their production process, change to different seasonal specialties and/or standardizing milk as appropriate.  Monitoring composition assists in taking control & keeping control of the process, facilitating greater consistency in quality, brand name integrity and optimal profitability.

Dairy Processors

Recording of milk composition is an established and recognized Critical Control Point in dairy processing enterprises.  The LactiCheck results correlate well with other established methods (both bench chemistry and infrared), so it can be implemented at various points throughout the Dairy Processing Plant including in Milk Reception, at-line in Production, in the Central Lab and in satellite labs (QA/QC, Research & Development, etc.) See what one of the biggest consultance have to say: CheezSorce - Why LactiCheck


Pilot plants find the LactiCheck an excellent option as it provides a budget-friendly solution to milk composition testing needs AND their stakeholders can integrate the same unit into their facilities as they start-up.  University AG (agriculture) outreach programs and/or research studies benefit from the real-time results provided from the truly portable, compact LactiCheck!


Monitoring foods to ensure conformance with established standards for consumer safety, health and nutrition is frequently included in numerous governmental mandates.  The context of this monitoring can vary significantly.  Sometimes, it involves random selection of milk or dairy samples involved in school lunch programs.

Others (International Agencies, Food Programs, etc.)

Many international aid agencies focusing on establishment and support of dairying to help reduce child mortality, improve overall community health and open economic options of self-sustainability chose the LactiCheck as it offers robust, reliable results at an exceptional value!  WHO/FAO, U.S. AID, Gates Foundation, Land-o’Lakes School Milk programs (and more) benefit from the resources the LactiCheck offers to optimize success (as records are important!).