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LactiCheck™-01 RapiRead

LactiCheck™-01 RapiRead

For Cow or Goat/Sheep or Cow or Goat/Buffalo
Portable, real-time, precise, reliable measurement of raw co-mingled milk facilitates optimal herd management.  User-friendly and robust, the LactiCheck provides farmers instant feedback (40 second test time) critical to practical herd management including feeding, herd health and the milk check.  On-farm artisanal, boutique and specialty bottlers of fluid milk and cheesemakers will also realize succinct benefits – contact us for details!

Farm Testing: Portable, precise, simple measurement of raw co-mingled milk facilitates optimal herd management. User-friendly and robust, the LactiCheck gives farmers instant feedback critical to practical herd management of feeding, herd health and the milk check.

Milk Collection Stations: Quick, accurate, cost-effective results for a wide range of critical components of incoming raw milk. Easy to use, walk-away convenience with built-in RS-232 for automated recording of test results. Automated printout or computer data capture options (see LactiLog Software)

Laboratory: Reliable testing with optional automated data collection. Compact, easy to use unit requiring no costly caustic chemicals. Streamlined, user-friendly calibration and simple operating procedure.

Cheese making: Providing essential information, including a record of fat and protein levels to manage processing for optimal yield and consistent quality, the LactiCheck is a rapid, user-friendly, repeatable, reliable and low maintenance instrument.

Dairy Field Extension: Convenient, simple to use, cost-effective tool providing information critical to effective herd management. Optimize feeding programs, ensure qualification for bonus programs, screen for metabolic disorders and improve genetic records.

The LactiCheck LC-01 RapiRead™ is shipped complete with:

  • LactiCal™ Calibration Control
  • Sample Cups
  • Cleaning Solvent Concentrate
  • AC Power Cord
  • DC Cable (12 V Power)
  • User’s Manual
Technical Information: 

LactiCheck™-01 RapiRead

40 Seconds readout for Cow (or goat) & Sheep. For raw or processed milk
Fat: from 0.3% to 9% with accuracy ± 0.06%
    from 9 to 14% with accuracy ± 0.1%
Solids Nor Fat (SNF): from 6% to 12% with accuracy ± 0.2%
Milk density: 1.0260g/cm2 to 1.0330 g/cm3 ± 0.0005 g/cm3
Protein: from 2% to 5% with accuracy ± 0.2%
Added water to milk: from 0% to 60% with accuracy ± 5%
Lactose: from 3% to 7% with accuracy ± 0.2%
Operates with 90 to 260 VAC or with 13VDC