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Herd Management

On-farm testing gives real-time information to herd managers - whichever it is for Cows, Goats or Sheep - enabling them to make appropriate adjustments to feeding programs.  Testing milk from individual animals gives insight into health (especially for at-risk animals like freshening heifers, does or ewes) and a greater depth of records for genetic profiles/breeding programs.


According to Doc Sanders of  Vaca Resources1, " There are also many other uses for milk components information which include double checking the reports from the dairy co-op, and check testing individual cows that are being fed individually for high production records. Another use is to measure milk components from the impact of heat stress and cow comfort on milk components." For further information, please download related document.

Whether you are working with a Dairy Herd Improvement Association or not, the LactiCheckMilk Analyzer provides immediate information about the fat, protein (added water and lactose) of your milk in just seconds, for a few pennies per test!  Results can automatically be transferred to a computer and sent to your herd nutritionist or veterinarian thru the 'plug and play' LactiLog Data Recording System.

Be sure no added water is getting into your bulk tank with the QuickCheck TECH or QuickCheck FLEX freezing-point cryoscopes.  Providing an ultra-precise assessment of extraneous water in milk, the QuickCheck will tell you right way if there are issues with the draining of your lines, post milking or if there are condensations issues impacting your bulk tank milk.

1) Vaca Resources, 2837 Old Troy Pike, Urbana, Ohio 43078. URL:

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