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CheeseCrafter® Total Production and Quality Management Software Now with Inventory Control 

CheeseCrafter® Total Production and Quality Management Software


Now with Inventory Control


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Dimensions: 10 in × 10 in × 6 in
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CheeseCrafter® Total Production and Quality Management Software for Cheese or Yogurt Manufacturers

The CheeseCrafter® Total Production & Quality Management (TPQM) Software System provides cheese makers or managers of cheese manufacturing plants with a comprehensive system for getting control of their process and optimizing quality plus profitability.

Some of the key benefits of the CheeseCrafter® are:

  • Securing the procedures of cheesemaking so production can continue without a cheesemaker (vacation, position vacancy, sickness)
  • Ensuring consistency in the production
  • Minimizing human factors in calculation of ingredients
  • Ensuring full traceability of all ingredient used in the batch
  • Gives full financial transparency of the batch
  • Provide base data for higher level management (Export capability to other software's of all or selected data)
  • Eliminate man hours in the creation of production documentation (make sheet, cost analysis, etc.)

The CheeseCrafter® is a comprehensive production and quality management system, which features four separate but integrated modules that provide support, assistance and insight throughout the cheese making process.  The includes:

  •   Establishes comprehensive digital records in databases:
  1. Suppliers
  2. Milk Composition
  3. Products
  4. Cultures
  5. Rennet
  6. Other Additives
  •   Recording of incoming milk composition values at reception
  •   Recording of specific milk composition per vat and batch
  •   Prediction of optimal cheese yield based upon milk composition per batch and modeling of different approaches to the process which will improve actual yields or assist in developing new products
  •   Full Quality Assurance documentation of each of the cheese production process steps
  •   Automatic cost calculation per specific batch
  •  Full ingredient traceability with search function (lot search)
  • Full export capabilities for export of data to external software systems

Benefits include tools for production management, standardization, quality control, digitized documentation, ingredient traceability, financial documentation, quality assurance and research/development of new products.

The CheeseCrafter is designed to work with the LactiCheck as data provider, but upon request and CheeseCrafter can be delivered with Manual data entry capability.

The CheeseCrafter can work in both the full version and as the Cheese Maker’s Work Station at a remote location. It just requires access to the full version’s data base via local LAN.

Works on Windows XP, Vista and 7.