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Raw Milk Composition, Rapid Test Milk

Ensure you protect your investment with proper cleaning/maintenance materials.  Enjoy the convenience of our long-life, shelf-stable calibration controls.  Optimize sample preparation with the LactiPrep Automated Rocker.  Digitized your data capture to facilitate greater transparency, opening access to critical data info at the push of a button with the LactiLog Data Recording/Reporting System.  Take control and keep control of your cheese-making process with the CheeseCrafter®  - A Total Production and Total Quality Control System.

Test kits for Page & Pedersen LactiCyte HD.

Test kit consists of 25, 100 or 500 sample cartridges (four test per cartridge – 16 sites per test).

Including 100/400/2,000 lyophilized fluorescent dye ampoules and required pipette tips.

Page & Pedersen provides Cryoscope calibration and control standards (408 m°C  [422 m°H], 600 m°C ([621 m°H] and 512 m°C [530 m°H]).  Cryoscope standards are accurate to ±1.5 m°C.  Shelf life is 12 months from manufacture.  Certificates of conformance are available for each batch (traceable to ISO 5765). Glass sample tubes and Heat Transfer/Cooling Fluid are also available.  Suitable for all freezing-point cryoscopes.  Quality products at budget prices!

For your Halogen, Infrared Moisture Analyzer, quality Glass Fiber Pads (90 mm), Moisture Pans (disposable/aluminum - 100 mm diameter, oil free) and Stainless Steel Pans for your moisture analyzer are provided at budget prices.

A diverse array of devices for sample preparation, digital printing, digital integration (i.e. RS-232, USB connects) and software are available for the Page & Pedersen line of innovative, reliable, affordable line of fit for purpose instruments for the dairy industry.