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The LactiCheck Milk Analyzers provide a rapid, real-time and reliable profile of milk composition (fat, solids, density, added water, lactose and protein) in just seconds. Robust and affordable, the LactiCheck integrates easily at any point in the dairy supply chain, from cow to cup. Easily accessible, the digitized records provide the essential tools you need as appropriate to your requirements (raw milk, heat treated milk, homogenized milk, high-fat products, cheese and yogurt recipes).

Testing for added water in milk, these freezing-point instruments ensure that extraneous water is not present in your milk.  The QuickCheck family of cryoscopes complies with the recommended methods as reviewed by the AOAC/IDF/ISO for payment purposes.  Choose from 4 different models appropriate to your specific budget and requirements. Other applications include rapid check for Lactose Hydrolysis and/or Dextrose Equivalency, Chocolate Milk mix, and other dairy based beverages (egg nog, butter milk, yogurt drinks, whey, etc.)

Moisture analysis provides critical insight into product quality and shelf life, with packaging implications and also important perspective with respect to afinage in cheeses destined for aging. Also accommodates of myriad of other applications, including moisture in yogurt. The Halogen Infrared Moisture Analyzers are reliable, easy to use and impressively affordable.

Somatic Cell Counter SCC

The LactiCyte-HD - an Automated Microscope based on Image Cytometry - provides rapid, accurate and affordable Somatic Cell Counts for cow, goat, sheep and/or buffalo milk. Proven more accurate than the reference method and other automated methods in many applications - especially when testing small ruminates.


Digitized records facilitate easier access to timely information and greater transparency throughout the entire production system, from milk reception to out-going shipments.  Automating recording streamlines the acquisition of data and ensures optimal safety and security of data, eliminating transposing errors and encrypting data. 

A variety of accessories are available to enhance the value and functionality of various P&P instruments and other dairy analytical tools including printers, providing instant hard-copy of milk composition results, sample handling devices (automated rockers) for optimizing accuracy of raw milk and milk recipe samples and convenient carrying totes for protecting instruments during transport (i.e. for field reps., veterinarians, etc.).