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LactiLog™ Automated Recording/Reporting System Software - Now With ECM Calculation

LactiLog™ Automated Recording/Reporting System Software - Now With ECM Calculation

SKU: 60R005
Dimensions: 10 in × 10 in × 6 in
Price: $203.00

LactiLog™ Automated Recording/Reporting System. A complete plug and play solution to automating data transfer, the LactiLog is custom-designed for the unique reporting needs of the dairy industry. Simply plug in the supplied cable, download the software from the USB memory stick provided and open the program with your PC—results are automatically recorded!

Now with ECM (Energy Corrected Milk) calculation for fast and easy overview of the feed efficiency of either individual cows, milking group or for the complete herd. See downloadable file regarding the LactiCheck-LactiLog ECM Advantages.

Streamline your data recording while preserving the integrity of test results with secure data encryption in a versatile, transparent format. Bar code compatible, this innovative system is readily integrated with standard spreadsheet programs for easy archiving, analyzing and reporting. Make data more accessible for trend analysis and eliminate costly transcription errors with this cost-effective recording and reporting system!

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple ‘plug and play’ installation. Connect the cable provided to your PC & the LactiCheck™, test recording begins automatically
  • Easy access, user configurable Suppliers and Products list for customized reporting needs
  • Barcode compatible
  • Tamper-proof data recording: Integrity of data is preserved trough an encrypted file format for security
  • Sort by Supplier, Product or by Date
  • Data is fully transferable thru comma separated (.csv) file format for further analysis, graphing, etc.
  • Compatible with standard spreadsheet programs for easy reporting/analysis
  • Standard RS-232 output easily accommodates standard USB/RS-232 interface

Works on Windows XP, Vista and 7