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Monitoring foods to ensure conformance with established standards for consumer safety, health and nutrition is frequently included in numerous governmental mandates.  The context of this monitoring can vary significantly.  Sometimes, it involves random selection of milk or dairy samples involved in school lunch programs.  One of the parameters of analysis in checking school lunch milk is milk composition (to confirm conformance with appropriate nutritional parameters).

Screening of conformance with labeling requirements of products sold commercially (i.e. in grocery stores, etc.) is also commonly pursued.  For example, ensuring that milk labeled as 'full fat' (or 'whole'), skim' or 'reduced fat' conforms to the agreed definitions for these products is of importance.

The LactiCheck Milk Analyzer provides an affordable, reliable method for milk composition testing.  It can be easily integrated into a wide variety of standard operating procedures at government and regulatory labs including State Laboratories and Correctional Facilities.

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