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LactiCheck™ -02 RapiRead

LactiCheck™ -02 RapiRead

Dual Cow Channels or Cow/Goat - Most Versatile!
A practical, reliable and affordable alternative to previously available options for milk composition testing, the rapid (40 second test time), real-time, reliable results and straight-forward simplicity bring the benefits of state-of-the-art technology to you today!  Robust and impressively precise, the LactiCheck LC-02/RR can be integrated at any point throughout the Processing Plant, from Milk Reception to Production to final QC/QA.

Affordable Approach to Real-Time Results
A practical alternative to previous options for milk composition testing, the straightforward simplicity,
affordability and reliability of the LactiCheck brings the benefits of current technology to you today!

Artisanal Cheese Makers: Many cheese makers had to rely exclusively upon costly tests and experienced delays in results by sending samples to independent laboratories. Now real-time results are achievable on-site.

Dairy Processors: The move from bench chemistry to automation has been outside of the budget of many small and mid-sized dairy processors. Costs of equipment, maintenance and training have been high – but today there is an affordable alternative.

Large Dairy Processors: The LactiCheck is a cost-effective back-up to fully automated infrared systems and can easily be integrated into satellite positions (milk receiving, production, etc.). The LactiCheck is also a cost-effective solution to take the pressure off the central laboratory at a dairy plant – many of our customers have a LactiCheck on the production floor to test the change over of products or confirm completion of cleaning/maintenance.

The LactiCheck LC-02 RapiRead™ is shipped complete with:

  • Sample Cups
  • Cleaning Solvent Concentrate
  • Cleaning Sheet (Laminated) and Manual Pump
  • LactiCAL™-2 & LactiCAL™-3 Calibration Controls
  • Power Cord
  • User’s Manual
Technical Information: 

LactiCheck™ -02 RapiRead

40 second readout with extended Fat range (14% fat). For both raw and processed cow (or goat) milk.
Fat: from 0.3% to 9% with accuracy ± 0.06%
    from 9 to 14% with accuracy ± 0.1%
Solids Nor Fat (SNF): from 6% to 12% with accuracy ± 0.1%
Milk density: 1.0260g/cm2 to 1.0330 g/cm3 ± 0.0005 g/cm3
Protein: from 2% to 5% with accuracy ± 0.1%
Added water to milk: from 0% to 60% with accuracy ± 3%
Lactose: from 3% to 7% with accuracy ± 0.2%
Operates with 90 to 260 VAC or with 13VDC