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CheezSorce - Why LactiCheck


<<Lacticheck earns it’s place on the counter top of any laboratory because of the value it provides to any milk processor and cheese processor. 

The milk processor has such obvious needs it is almost unnecessary to point out.  The need to know the fat composition of products being packaged is paramount, skim, 1%, 2%, whole milk (3.3%), half and half (12%), light cream (20%) and heavy cream (30%).  The requirement to deliver the correct amount of fat in our liquid dairy products is legal and monitored by various regulatory bodies.  While many of these products are made by blending it is often helpful to know in advance just how much cream needs to be removed to meet the compositional goals. 

The cheese processor need is slightly different.  Milk composition is a variable in processing; Cheese making is the art of blending the various components via an imprecise biological process when frequently we do not know the composition of the raw material.  Lacticheck offers the cheese maker the opportunity to look inside the milk raw material and make a very conscious decision about manufacturing>>

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