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Field Facts - August 29

Paving the path to resurging popularity, the nutritional benefits of milk are coming together with superb new choices emerging on the market! A new report from Rabobank, “Making Milk Cool Again” provides an interesting overview as to how fluid milk is ‘reinventing’ itself.
Some exciting developments include release of a wide variety of flavored products, re-formulated dairy drinks that include elevated protein and/or low lactose and even A2 (protein differentiated) milks. All of these products give consumers more choices, allowing diets to be customized to individual preferences.
Whole milk (drinking dairy milk with a full-fat content) is also building in popularity as previous mis-information involved in the anti-fat nutritional campaigns of past decades is dispelled.  
As succinctly stated recently, “A well-built milk product and brand will leverage consumer perceptions and offer nutritional benefits, which seem to have been lost and misunderstood over the last few decades. The rediscovery of milk is happening; look around.”
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