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Field Facts - June 4 2020

Lots of effort is being made by the dairy industry to help keep people strong and well thru these challenging times. 
Bellwether Farms, a winner of dozens of awards for the quality of their cheese and yogurt, has launched Project Spilled Milk.  
Through crowdfunding, they have launched a campaign to raise funds to buy $50,000 of milk from local farmers and turn that milk into yogurt that will go the food banks in Northern California (where Bellwether is based).  
This will ensure that farmers are compensated for their milk, so they can feed their families and care for their animals. It will also give an excellent source of nutrition to many, many people who are struggling to feed their children and their families. 
Finally, this keeps milk from being dumped down the drain, which is a waste and a shame. Bellwether is donating their time and other necessary resources.
BRAVO! Check it out at below!