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Field Facts - March 12

What is your favorite Chocolate Milk? There are certainly some strong opinions about this out there!  
As the consumption of liquid milk has declined in the last decade, the introduction of chocolate milk in some school systems has turned the tide. In fact, some studies indicate that school kids consume up to 10% more milk when they are offered flavored milk options!  
A recent survey in Massachusetts nominated Mapleline Farms in Hadley as the very best chocolate milk made in the state. Mapleline is a customer and they provide wonderful milk products from their award winning herd of Jersey cows! The observations about their sensational chocolate milk included an 'explosion of flavor', with creaminess and strong chocolate notes with sweetness in the background.  
Some of our favorites are Purity Chocolate Milk (TN) and Hatchland Farms (NH). Let us know what your very favorite Chocolate Milk is and where it is made!
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