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Field Facts - May 9

How to translate data into productive actions…
“Let’s find better ways and better days for dairy herds!”, challenged Jay Mattison, CEO of NDHIA, at a recent Strategic Thinking meeting convened by the National Dairy Herd Improvement Association.
Most dairies are drowning in data. Data facilitates reactive management of dairy herds. Today, though, dairies need to get an edge. They require ‘predictive’ information that can assist in strategic planning and forward initiatives toward profitability. How do we get all that data into an informative format that can, indeed, be predictive?
It is estimated that only <20% of data an average farmer has his hands on today is useful to him. Would you spend $1.00 to heat your home if only 20 cents of that was actually warming your family! Let’s bring all the data together to make it informative and productive!
Time to stretch out a hand and help dairy farmers find a brighter future!
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