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Hot Off The Press - March 2020

Some people remember when the Milkman brought fresh bottles of milk to the kitchen door. In recent times, though, it was thought that was simply a tale of yore. But now, milk deliveries are on the rise, for sure!
“It seems strange to think that several years ago, Dairy Crest in the UK was despairing over the milk delivery business and the loss of leader tactics in supermarkets were threatening its viability as a whole". No more.  
The move to glass bottles (more sustainable and ecologically efficient) was one step in the right direction. Then, current health issues causing the need for social distancing has made many people interested in having food delivered to their door.
So, while many of the ramifications of the 'new normal' may be challenging, it appears that some positive nuances and trends may be found. It indeed appears that the Milkman is once again coming around!
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