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Hot Off The Press - September

Getting those somatic cell counts down makes for easier milking, healthier cows and better quality milk. It's not always that easy, though. In these days of low milk prices, we need to strive for best practices. Getting those number down below 200,000 scc/mL will mean a healthier herd, better quality in your milk and better compensation for that fine milk! What can you do to realize this goal?
1. Improve the beds (make sure there is sufficient drainage and deep rake routinely).
2. Look at ACR (Automatic Cluster Removal) function and overall milking (check for evidence of hyper-keratosis).
3. Get your milking crew to understand the need to keep things clean and point out any cows with potential problems.
According to Peter Edmondson of UdderWise Global Master Solutions, in a recent article in Hoards Dairyman ("We cracked clinical mastitis")  these three principles resulted in a 25% drop in somatic cell count!
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