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Hot Off Press - Vodka From Whey!


With the up-tick in the production of cheese, there is a challenge as to how to deal with a major by-product: Whey! An innovative approach is to turn it into vodka! Today, some whey is being used for everything from nutriceuticals to infant formula while some is still fed to livestock and much is poured out on fields as a “fertilizer". But, today, many innovative enterprises are focusing on turning whey into high spirits!

According to an article in the Manufacturer, whey is separated into a number of components.  Finally, they separate the lactose. "We separate this [lactose] into a concentrated serum that then goes to be either fermented or distilled into vodka...” according to Giles Barber in Somerset, UK.  
In the USA, Emily Darchuk has developed 'Wheyward Spirit'. A recent graduate of the University of Oregon, who is running a start-up, Emily explained to Forbes Magazine that "We take this nutrient-rich whey to ferment and distill it into our ultra premium spirit." Sustainability and circular economies are pursuing many interesting activities these days!
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