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Tips & Trends Vol. 14

As Justin Wooverton, founder of Halo Top ice cream recently observed, “…more people want to eat like me; limit sugar and increase protein, but not be afraid of fat.”  
Having become a huge success in the USA, this protein enriched ice cream is having a significant impact in the UK and European markets with its rich, full flavors.  Other dairy markets seeing a surge are favored milks from chocolate milk for school children to coffee-flavored drinks for adults.  
Flavors are being freshened in the dairy spreads offerings as well as in yogurts (i.e like the new YoBaby Purple Carrot and Sweet Potato flavors)! Offering options for delivering digestible protein throughout the human life cycle, dairy products help ensure strong bones, good teeth, strong muscle mass and heightened mental alertness.  Dairying indeed is preparing for a healthy, strong future!
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