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Tips & Trends Vol. 16

PolyWhey Finish is a bio-based product developed from a dairy by-product thru a cooperation with Andrew Meyer (Hardwick, VT) and the University of Vermont (UVM)! Replacing typical ingredients for floor finishes (formaldehyde and benzene) with whey (a natural by-product of cheesemaking), PolyWhey brings odor-free, "green" options that conscientious consumers are seeking to the market!
Recently earning a USDA Biobased product designation, Vermont Natural Coatings points out that they use whey protein technology to match the functionality without the toxicity of carcinogens. "The public should demand nothing less for living and working environments, especially for schools, " observed Meyer.
Meyer’s family runs a local organic dairy, where he grew up and then attended UVM. Graduating with a degree in environmental science, he was looking for a way to get back to the family farm while bringing important resources with him to facilitate value-added agricultural products. They have expanded their product development, hiring Dr. Frank Lee (formerly of UVM) as “chief formulator.” A whey-based wood cleaner has already been added to their product line. Look forward to seeing more good things from Vermont Natural Coatings!
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