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Tips & Trends Vol. 16

The adage to 'Work smarter, not harder" was coined many years ago (1930, Allen Morgenstern). It is indeed a challenge. What it really means is looking at data and getting direction out of it. If you have people who are committed to their jobs and working out straight to get them accomplished, how can you work smarter? By seeing things differently...
Data and statistics can cause us all to 'blank out'. O.K. So, yields are down. Why? Somatic Cells are up. Why? What does all this data mean? How can we turn data it into actionable items? Keeping data on individual cows is achievable in this day and age, but you need to do something with that information. Information about individual cow yield, composition of milk and Somatic Cell Counts can lead you to make more prudent decisions regarding breeding and culling. That improves the strength of your herd and your bottom line!
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