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Tips & Trends Vol. 21

What’s new and exciting in dairy? Well, most of us have come across ‘micro-breweries’…but have you ever checked out the micro-creameries in your neighborhood! This exciting trend has been deepening and developing!
- Local Artisans using local ingredients with unique flavor profiles!
- Supporting sustainable agriculture that is eco-friendly!
- Offering unique flavor profiles developed from healthy cows, good milk and fine cheese!
As we look to address the stipulations imposed by the health pandemic, there is a need to broaden our perspective of resources in our neighborhood (and support them in their endeavors)! Let’s celebrate the science of fermentation with local artisans who are making fine cheeses and yogurts. Seek out a local ice cream. Usually, you can make arrangements to order and pick-up that will keep everyone safe.  
Check it out on-line! Pick up the phone if you prefer. Lets’s give a shout out to those people who are being positive and productive in bringing good quality local food to us consistently! They are truly treasures!
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