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Tips & Trends Vol. 23

We all need to explore some interesting dairy products (no time like the present to spice things up a bit!) Cheeses made in Austria have unique flavors and are rather ‘unsung’. A recent issue of Cheese Connoisseur featured some of the small mountain dairies which have been making these Alpine type cheeses for generations!
Of course there are now also many American cheese artisans who are making amazing cheeses as well. Cheese is a nutritious snack and very appropriate to these challenging times - keep strong and keep well! As June is Dairy Month, ice cream comes to mind.  You can get curbside pick-up at many places. Don’t forget the cold chocolate milk – it is quite refreshing and also has a reasonable balance of nutrition! Let us reach out to those hard-working dairying enterprises and keep them in business. They are, after all, an intrinsic part of our food supply chain. 
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