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Beth Ford, the CEO of Land O'Lakes observed the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 2020 Regional Economic conference that the agriculture economy needs significant investment due to a variety of challenges it continues to face. Government subsidies are not a political issue, Ford stated. "This is a security issue for the nation, I believe. Investing in agriculture, our own food supply, probably a good idea!"
Beginning with the Fall holidays and continuing on through the new year, dairy products enjoy a surge in popularity among many consumers! Butter for baking, cheese for entertaining, dips, spreads, balls - the list goes on!  

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop invited Jennifer Garrett of JG Consulting Services in Dowling, MI to make an encouraging, empowering presentation: "Choose to make a difference.”

Welcoming Veterans back from active duty and getting them productively involved in the community, Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) offers a number of sponsored training opportunities. The Farm OPS program reaches out to Veterans to encourage them to seek agricultural pursuits (including dairying)!
Great things happen when people work together and strive for good goals!
Chobani has recently confirmed a commitment to $200K to Magic Valley (Idaho) endeavors that include a number of diverse pursuits:
Country Dairy is a 4th generation dairy farm that continues to be very passionate about their mission!  
They conduct tours regularly, inviting people into their “Moo School” to see their healthy, happy, comfortable cows (and to pet their calves). It is vitally important that kids get to understand that cows are cared for and milk is a safe, nutritious beverage.

The US Food & Drug Administration held a public meeting on October 22nd focusing on creating a safer, technology-enabled, traceable food system. Record turn out from both the public and private sector (both in-person as well as in webcast attendance) underscored the commitment that exists to provide a level of safety and quality that inspires confidence among consumers.


Earlier this month, Calvin Covington, a nationally recognized expert in milk pricing, made a presentation, which we sponsored, highlighting ways that dairy farmers could get the most out of their milk checks. Mr. Calvin is a 4th generation dairy farmer who currently manages his family’s Century farm in North Carolina. Having studied at the North Carolina State University, earning his B.S.


Are you skeptical about the value of investing time and money in awards competitions? One of the obvious outcomes of winning awards is to attract customers. Some less well recognized benefits include rewarding your employees by facilitating independent recognition of their hard work.

Getting those somatic cell counts down makes for easier milking, healthier cows and better quality milk. It's not always that easy, though. In these days of low milk prices, we need to strive for best practices. Getting those number down below 200,000 scc/mL will mean a healthier herd, better quality in your milk and better compensation for that fine milk! What can you do to realize this goal?