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Being nutrient-dense with vitamins A and D, zinc and protein, they play significant roles in boosting the immune system!
Be sure to boost dairy and include it in your daily diet!  Keeping strong and healthy has never been more important!
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Abfielle Backhouse, the research coordinator with the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association observed that dairy sales have been close to 14% above last year's sales!
Of course, sales to schools have diminished significantly as also are sales to restaurants. But the take home message is that people have brought dairy back into their homes – and that is only a good trend!
The American Dairy Coalition is commending Congressman Fred Keller on his proposal to GIVE MILK! Mr. Keller has introduced a bill to foster a taste for milk in children by expanding the variety of dairy products offered to them, including Whole Fat Milk!
Opting for Optimism! Half Full Dairy believes in focusing on the positive! Jeanne and A.P. believe that this positive perspective is empowering! The couple and their children, Kayla and Zach, have risen to the challenge! They milk 1800 cows three times a day and 3 different locations and produce A2 milk!  
Get the word out! Contact the media: Local TV stations! Bring in a local celebrity to present your cheeses! Build a cheese plate on YouTube! Use local and artisanal cheeses - it does not need to be elaborate - just enticing! This is what they are doing in Wisconsin and it is working!  
Live and Learn – those are good strategies!  So what are the ‘take home’ messages from this crisis for the dairy industry?
One is to continue to build confidence in your customers (‘confidence is the cure). Approaches to this are to tell your story, emphasize the care you take, be careful and be prudent.
Virtual Tours are becoming more prevalent and social distancing is advised. The Idaho Milk Products is offering virtual tours of their Milk Innovation Center (MIC). It includes a state-of-the-art processing area, an instrument lab and a multi-purpose room for product evaluations.  
Mostly, the focus will be on ready-to-drink beverages, protein bars and ice cream!
We all need to explore some interesting dairy products (no time like the present to spice things up a bit!) Cheeses made in Austria have unique flavors and are rather ‘unsung’. A recent issue of Cheese Connoisseur featured some of the small mountain dairies which have been making these Alpine type cheeses for generations!
Consumers are adopting a ‘back to basics’ approach to food shopping that includes a return to fluid milk and other dairy products. Milk is outselling plant-based beverages by a margin of more than 10 to 1, according to a recent posting by Hoards Dairyman Intel. Butter is doing well too, thanks to more baking being done at home.