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Playing the long game (and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure)!
Clearly we are all in this for the ‘long game’. So matters must progress  as best they can until we can return to more ordinary times. The ‘new normal’ is what we have been experiencing for some weeks now. Certainly we must accept current circumstances, but not as ‘normal’.  
The Farmers to Families Food Box Program is a concept initialized by the USDA and approved by Congress (in a bi-partisan move!) to unite farmers with milk needing to be processed (and not dumped) with hungry people! The 317 million dollars in dairy products, processed by companies standing more or less idle with schools shut down and restaurants closed, put food in the hands of hungry people nationwide! BRAVO!!!
Lots of effort is being made by the dairy industry to help keep people strong and well thru these challenging times. 
Bellwether Farms, a winner of dozens of awards for the quality of their cheese and yogurt, has launched Project Spilled Milk.  
Celebrate World Milk Day on June 1st! A global celebration organized by the United Nations (Food & Agricultural Organization or FAO), this is a day to celebrate the people who provide us with such essential nutrients. Each and every day, dairy animals provide us with delightful and nutritious products that make us stronger and help us to live longer! 
With 50 million students home right now, creative positive engagement is needed. The Dairy Council of California has put together a compelling package of free online resources for kids that includes a virtual Field Trip of dairies, games and activities!
Check it out at the link inside the story!
In these challenging times, it is good to know that there are people to support you. The P&P team continues to provide advice, supplies, parts, repairs and analytical instruments to assist you in keeping quality and productivity consistent. The Customer Service and Tech Team are here for you.
All you have to do is call (or send a text or e-mail) and we'll be there.
Keeping our families strong and helping immune systems during this current situation are of premium importance. So keep dairy products in your diet (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.!).  
While much of the world has been silenced by quarantine, America’s dairy farmers continue to farm on. This season, the crops will still get planted, the calves will be fed, the cows will be milk and food will continue to be produced, just like it’s been for generations.
As Spring comes to New England, we just must smile. Flowers begin to bloom, the grass turns green again and tiny, little leaves burst forth from the branches. What better thing to do than celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!
The Dairy community continues to deliver nutrition and support to their stakeholders! Dairy means farmers (for sure!), milk haulers, processing plants – it is a wide community including milkers and drivers, lab technicians, processing plant operators, bottlers/packers/labelers. Our hearty thanks to all of them for their untiring efforts to keep our food chain full and functioning.