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Check out Virtual Tours! Keep the kids engaged without dragging them too far away from their electronic devices! See fantastic sites you can’t see when you are not out and about! Tours cover a wide variety of venues from museum visits to short scenic tours to a visit to your local dairy farm!
Some people remember when the Milkman brought fresh bottles of milk to the kitchen door. In recent times, though, it was thought that was simply a tale of yore. But now, milk deliveries are on the rise, for sure!
What’s new and exciting in dairy? Well, most of us have come across ‘micro-breweries’…but have you ever checked out the micro-creameries in your neighborhood! This exciting trend has been deepening and developing!
- Local Artisans using local ingredients with unique flavor profiles!
- Supporting sustainable agriculture that is eco-friendly!
What is your favorite Chocolate Milk? There are certainly some strong opinions about this out there!  
As the consumption of liquid milk has declined in the last decade, the introduction of chocolate milk in some school systems has turned the tide. In fact, some studies indicate that school kids consume up to 10% more milk when they are offered flavored milk options!  
Let's all celebrate National Nutrition Month, which is kicking off with National School Breakfast Week!
Just say, "Cheese"! Cheese can be consumed for breakfast, packed as a snack or combined into a nutritious lunch! Yogurt is also a good option for getting some high impact nutrition with reasonably low calories. Best of all, the multi-dimensional nutrition profiles have positive health impacts!
“Who messed up the identity of dairy when it comes to the nutrition side of it?” asked Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani.
During a recent one hour interview with a representative of the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), this owner of a billion dollar dairy brand expressed his frustration with the confusion in the market.
Milk prices may be beginning to trend more positively, but to capitalize upon developments across the market the focus must be composition. The question is, “How many pounds of components are you shipping?” That is the bottom line.
In the past, the focus has been on milk flow and yield. Now herd management, including feeding and breeding, must include considerations for the composition. 
Beth Ford, the CEO of Land O'Lakes observed the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 2020 Regional Economic conference that the agriculture economy needs significant investment due to a variety of challenges it continues to face. Government subsidies are not a political issue, Ford stated. "This is a security issue for the nation, I believe. Investing in agriculture, our own food supply, probably a good idea!"