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Getting those somatic cell counts down makes for easier milking, healthier cows and better quality milk. It's not always that easy, though. In these days of low milk prices, we need to strive for best practices. Getting those number down below 200,000 scc/mL will mean a healthier herd, better quality in your milk and better compensation for that fine milk! What can you do to realize this goal?
Accelerator programs provide support in education, networking support, product develoment and even working space and introductions to venture capitalists for funding.  These can be 'seed accelerators' or more in depth in context, but they are not limited to high tech anymore!
The adage to 'Work smarter, not harder" was coined many years ago (1930, Allen Morgenstern). It is indeed a challenge. What it really means is looking at data and getting direction out of it. If you have people who are committed to their jobs and working out straight to get them accomplished, how can you work smarter? By seeing things differently...
Paving the path to resurging popularity, the nutritional benefits of milk are coming together with superb new choices emerging on the market! A new report from Rabobank, “Making Milk Cool Again” provides an interesting overview as to how fluid milk is ‘reinventing’ itself.
PolyWhey Finish is a bio-based product developed from a dairy by-product thru a cooperation with Andrew Meyer (Hardwick, VT) and the University of Vermont (UVM)! Replacing typical ingredients for floor finishes (formaldehyde and benzene) with whey (a natural by-product of cheesemaking), PolyWhey brings odor-free, "green" options that conscientious consumers are seeking to the market!
Often, sensational articles describing disastrous situations make headlines, while the more typical, day-to-day norms do not get the same press. This can lend to a distorted perception of certain realities. Certainly it is time to put some balance back in the perspective of how dairy cows are treated!
GenZ (born between 1996 and 2010) has different demands of dairy products than Millennials!
"What are they looking for? Affordability, taste, a cause and convenience", according to a recent Hoard's Dairymen Intel. 
Look for tools that assist you in monitoring critical control points so that you can more effectively manage your process! 
Where do you find many of the country’s best artisanal, boutique and specialty cheesemakers this Summer?  At the American Cheese Society Conference!  Join us at Booth #4 in the Greater Richmond Convention Center from August 1st to the 3rd.  This annual event brings together cheesemakers, cheese-mongers and cheese enthusiasts throughout the United States, Canada, and the World!  

We revisit a Dairy Tales from one of our great customers Ferndale Farmstead Creamery in Ferndale Washington! Read about how Daniel Wavrin became the great cheesemaker that he is, and how the CheeseCrafter Total Production and Quality Control Software has helped!

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Today, there is a more holistic approach to defining quality milk.  In a recent on-line survey of readers conducted by the Progressive Dairyman, a significant number (~23%) of dairy farmers believed that cattle handling & welfare, sustainability and fair farm worker wages/benefits were as important as low somatic cell counts and above average fat & protein content!