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The Tillamook County Creamery Association and Oregon Dairy Nutrition Council have joined forces with the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington in an effort to educate the girl scouts about the ins & outs of the dairy industry and how the industry plays a pivotal role in Oregon’s economy.


A by-product of cheese and yogurt making, whey has long been re-purposed (fertilizer, animal feed, ingredient in foodstuffs). Now an increasing number of innovative enterprises are exploring the use of whey to make beer, gin, spirits, and vodka!


Looking positive at the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement). The U.S. Dairy Industry needs some positive news (especially down on the farms). There are some sweet notes to the USMCA. According to the CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division, the level of certainty that the USMCA will usher in should bring about improvements in investments. Then, too, the modest access gains (i.e.

Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio is a family farm celebrating its 150th anniversary! The home to several generations of Youngs, the current families managing this enterprise took some surprisingly creative decisions to keep more of their members productively and pleasantly engaged in the business: They turned to AgriTourism!  

Borden Dairy Co. worked with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina to provide hurricane relief in the form of milk! Their combined efforts along with help from the World Central Kitchen got 45,000 servings of milk into the hands of Hurricane Florence victims. The milk was bottled in Borden’s plant in Kentucky, and they used a special refrigerated truck to get the milk to the Carolinas!

Andrew Van Gunst sailed to the US from the Netherlands with family in the late 1800’s. Four generations later, Country Dairy in New Era, MI is a 1st class working dairy farm milking ~1,500 cows three times a day!

Read about the many health benefits associated with drinking camel milk! The camel milk industry is growing so be on the lookout and give some camel milk a try!


Getting things going often takes creative consideration!


Improve your business with our Tips and Trends Newsletter. With low prices for fluid milk at the farm gate, dairy farmers are realizing that smarter management is required to allow them to realize even moderate profitability. One area where more pro-active management can have an especially positive impact is in implementing improved calf-rearing techniques. Many custom calf-rearing enterprises, herd nutritionists, and dairy farmers rely upon t